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Complete QB's nationally recognized Quarterback Development Program is one that trains High School and Youth athletes in a Quarterbacks-only environment. Since 2000, Complete QB has focused its efforts specifically on the Quarterback through its Camps, Individual Training and Team Clinics - because we believe it is football's most important position. All elements of the Complete QB Program emphasize:
  • Sound mechanics
  • Identification and improvement of areas of weakness
  • The importance of vision and footwork as an integral part of Quarterback development
  • The need for consistent off-season preparation

Complete QB Camps train Quarterbacks, from grades 4-12, in small group settings. Athletes work with Coach Johnston and his staff, who are top high school coaches and/or current and former college Quarterbacks. All Quarterbacks will be placed in groups of similar age and ability to ensure all practice work is useful and productive for every camper.

The two-day camp will include extensive drill work that athletes can include as part of their year-round workouts - all of which is reinforced by video analysis, classroom sessions and on-field group and individual instruction. The one-day camp provides much of the same instruction as the two-day camps, but without the larger group activities - including passing game, large group (on-field) defensive coverage, and one of the chalktalk sessions.

Complete QB Camps, Team Clinics and Individual Coaching Sessions are planned and run by Complete QB Founder and Director, Christopher Johnston and/or Co-Director, Ryan O'Flaherty. Click here for more information about our Coaches.

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